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Meet Founder & Curator Tanesha

Hear the story behind starting a sustainable fashion business in the midst of a pandemic

Tanesha is known for her style and empowerment to live life to it's fullest potentional. After a career in fashion styling, Tanesha took a hiatus to explore her other passions and business interests.  She is an entrepreneur with accomplisments as a Diaspora Leader, Fellow, Brand Ambassador and Events Manager. Tanesha holds a Bachelors of Arts in Global Politics and International Relations and a Masters of Science in International Development.

So... how did she end up back in fashion... after 10 years?

Queue a global pandemic. The new normal from early 2020 resulted in many shifts on a personal and professional level. With so many rapid changes in the world including our eating habits and movement restrictions, many of us experienced the lockdown lifestyle with unwelcomed weight and unworn clothes.

Tanesha found herself with a wardrobe that no longer represented her style nor size and she wanted to update her signature look. Through conversations and market research, she found this to be true for other people especially women. It was a gap in the marketplace that was amplified as a result of the global crisis but could be capitalised through reselling garments for other people to benefit.

Tanesha turned her focus to sourcing new and pre-loved pieces for the fashion forward, environmentally conscious woman and man. With fashion sustainability on the rise, everyday people can showcase their own collections through Tanesha's Boutique as well as buy new items curated by Tanesha with love.

Taneshas Westcarr
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